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Caravan/Holiday Home WiFi Solutions

make your holiday guests feel at home whilst their away. Offering Wifi within your caravan will dramitally increase your chances of a booking.

Holiday Home Wifi

get fast 4G mobile Wifi at your Caravan, Holiday Home or Lodge. even if your mobile can't

Holiday Guest Wifi

increase your holiday lets by offering secure and fast Wifi at your caravan, holiday home or lodge.

Stream, Surf & Share

Social media, film streaming, online gaming, Binge watching and more,enjoy the same Internet services away from home.

FREE 4G Wifi Survey

We offer a free no-obligation Wifi survey at your Caravan, Holiday home or Lodge.

4G Wifi solution

Ideal for Static Caravans, Holiday Homes and Lodges

You may find that your holiday home (static caravan, lodge or chalet) is in a location where your parks WiFi connection is unobtainable or weak or your park doesn't offer Wifi, a 4G Wifi solution is a great alternative even if your unable to get a signal on your mobile phone..

4G Wifi in essence is just like your broadband found in your home but with a few key differences. You're still getting a steady internet connection, you can connect all of your devices via your Wifi router and you even pay a monthly fee for it. However, unlike regular internet which runs via your phone line and Wi-Fi signals, 4G Wifi runs off, well...4G. That means it works in the same way as your mobile phone, operating through a mobile network provider & SIM card.

Using our quality branded high gain external 4G Wifi antenna/modem which is installed at the best location (after completing a Wifi survey) around your holiday home and aligned/setup to your network providers specifications you, your family or holiday guests can enjoy Wifi away from home.

4G Wifi FAQ

Below is a collection of our most commonly asked questions with regards to 4G Wifi, if you have a question please contact us using our details below or Facebook.

  • Are you an Internet service provider?

    No - We provide hardware (equipment) to get you connected to the Internet via 4G Wifi. 4G is a service provided by a mobile phone network provider such as EE, 3, Vodafone and O2, we simply survey your holiday home and advise you of the best equipment to use and quote you a price including installation and setting-up.

  • You Own your equipment 100% - You are purchasing the equipment from Homenology in order for you to get Wifi within your holiday home. Normally when you register with an Internet service provider they will include their own equipment, as we don't provide an Internet service we advice of whats the best equipment and the recommended service provider.

  • We survery your holiday home using our data collected for the area, the servey will let us know which 4G network provider works best, unfortuntenley some 4G Wifi service do require a contract, however there is a lot of network providers now providing data pacjkages on a monthly PAYG with no contracts, we will advice which are the best options after your survey.

  • No - You purchase your equipment from us, we install and setup at an agreed price, you then simply use your chosen 4G network provider and pay their monthly charge.

  • No, all our 4G Wifi equipment are open to all UK networks so you can change providers anytime.

  • We are not able to offer any guarantees with regards to your chosen network providers download and upload speeds, as this is a wireless connection from your networks mobile mast to your holiday home connection speeds will vary for a number of reasons including interference, weather & your network providers service status.

  • With 4G wifi you can connect and watch your streaming services just as you do at home. If your into a lot of streaming we do however recommend choosing an unlimited data plan with your network provider as film streaming or binge series watching will eat a lot of data. I.e a 2 hour film in HD on netflix will be around 6.5GB, a 2 hour standard film will be around 1.7GB.

FREE 4G Wifi survey no-obligation quote

If your looking to have 4G WiFi installed in your Static Caravan, Holiday Home or Lodge contact us and we will arrange a visit and complete a survey & a no-obligation quote, free of charge. We cover the North and East Yorkshire Coastline from Scarbourough and as far as Hornsea.

This includes popular caravan parks such as Cayton Bay, Blue Dolphin, Primrose Valley, Reighton Sands, Thornwick Bay, Fargrange, Skipsea Sands and beyond.

How our Survey Works..

  • 01 Arrange a 4G Wifi Survey

    To arrange your free holiday home 4G Wifi survey please contact us via email inbox@wifiguy.uk with full details of your holiday homes location, contact name and details and we will contact you back. We try and complete surveys within 5 working days of receiving your request we are not always able to make direct appointments.

    Please note: you are not required to be at your holiday home for the survey as we complete this from outside. We try our best to get surveys completed as quickly as possible however during bad weather such as rain or high winds we are not able to complete these due to how we conduct the survey but we will try our best.

  • Once we have received your request and know the location of your holiday home we use local communication data to assess the best 4G Antenna to use along with the best mobile 4G network providers in your holiday homes area. Once we have our information we will visit your holiday home setup our test Equipment and survey the strongest network providers signal strength & data speed. Our survey also includes finding the best location around your holiday home to mount your antenna and what other equipment is required such as brackets, cabling etc.

  • As before we access the area's local Mobile 4G Data I.e, which network providers cover your holiday homes area, where the nearest mobile phone masts are located, what are your surroundings from your holiday home I.e, Trees, Valleys, Hills, Buildings etc, with this we then have an idea of what type of 4G Antenna to use in your survey (also armed with our laptop and rigging) we then test the strongest network providers.

  • Once we have completed your survey we will contact you with our results, this includes which network providers we tested with and their results including signal & speed.
    We will recommend which data package will suit your 4G Wifi with which network provider, we will then advice how we would install and where on your holiday home and what equipment is required I.e., Antenna, Brackets, Cable and how we would complete the installation should you choose to go a head.
    We will then give you a total cost which would include the purchase of your 4G Wifi equipment I full installation and setup and 1 years full support.

  • Short answer No.. As with any Wifi (Wireless signals) speed, strength and reliability relies on a number of factors including, weather, interference, surroundings and your 4G Data providers current service status I.e, congestion (peak and off peak times), hardware/mast reliability, maintenance etc. We do assure you we use the latest network data and 4G Wifi hardware equipment (External Antenna, Router ) in order to give you the best possible connection to your network provider and great Wifi  within your holiday home. 

    Please note: Although the most common question from all our potential customers is what speed can I get?,  we don't just test a network provider for speed we also test for the best signal strength and service reliability, we test using the strongest network providers and we will recommend the best packages we can to suit your budget, all our equipment is open to all UK networks and can be changed should you choose to switch.


WifiGuy Services/Support

See our additional services to keep you connected, secure and upto date..

4G Wifi Network Provider Sim Change


  • Change your sim to your chosen new network provider.
  • Re-align antenna for best connection & speed
  • Check ,antenna firmware/security updates.
  • Check, ethernet cable integrity
  • Check, Wifi router setup/security
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Wifi Upgrades/Extentions & Improvements

£40from (excludes hardware/cable changes)

extend or improve your Wifi within your caravan or holiday home.
  • Extend your Wifi within your caravan or lodge to all your TV's etc via Ethernet cable
  • Ethernet improves speed, performance and security and takes the stress of your Wifi
  • Upgrade your hardware to cover 5Ghz as well as 2.4Ghz faster Wifi
  • Thinking of CCTV ??
  • Do you have a good connection/speed and wish to share with your other caravan or lodge?? we can do it and save you pounds..
  • have an idea? share it with us we will help..
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We offer a professional installation and setup service, we are proud of our work.

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Primrose Valley

4G Wifi on Smarty

Primrose Valley

4G Wifi Survey - Rose Bank

Primrose Valley

4G Wifi Installation + Sky Q Installation

4G Wifi Installation + Sky Q Installation

Reighton Sands

4G Wifi Installation on Smarty

Primrose Valley - Pine Ridge

4G Wifi + Satellite

Primrose Valley

4G Wifi Sycamore

Cayton Bay

4G Wifi on Smarty

Cayton Bay April 2021

4G WiFi on EE speeds of around 40+Mbps

Primrose Valley - 4G Test Rig

FREE 4G Wifi Survey

TV - Satellite Solutions

TV/Satellite alignments, Installation, Service, Repair or Replacements including cable replacement, extentions or repairs. along with our Wifi services we also offer network cable installations for improved speed and performance in your Caravan, Holiday Home or Lodge, ideal for improving gaming quality in another room or extended your Internet to another room where Wifi struggles to reach.

Our Customers are saying

Below are our comments and feedback from our customers via Facebook and Google.



Jay fitted an arial and set up my wifi on a router that I owned. He did an excellent job, very good price and he advised me beforehand what kind of speeds and signal I would have etc I am so happy hes honest....

Lisa Davies


Simply Brilliant!! Fast friendly and efficient We now have superfast 4G WiFi The guests and owners are very happy and it took no time at all to install I would highly recommend Wifiguy Thanks Jay

Lee Michael Clark


We are very pleased with the fabulous service Jason delivers. He installed our router very quickly and professionally. He is honest and trustworthy. The internet in our holiday home now works wonderfully.......

Nicola White


All work done quickly, cleanly and very professionally, internet signal is amazing, jay was great sorting everything out making for a nice easy job, I would definitely recommend.nicola(very happy customer)

About Us

Our main objectives are to supply quality branded WiFi 4G LTE products to your caravan or holiday home at competitive prices whilst providing our customers with unparalleled levels of service and support.

  • Full Public Liability Insurances & Guarantees
  • All of the equipment we use is brand new & manufactured by trusted brands and sourced from reliable vendors. eliminating the risk of our customers receiving cheap or faulty components.
  • We offer a 12 month guarantee for all of our equipment and labour, so in the rare event that something goes wrong, contact us and we arrange to have your issue resolved asap.
  • Fast, friendly proffesional service

Homenology is a local family run business, based in Filey, North Yorkshire with over 30 years of experience within the Internet & networking industry including ADSL Broadband, WiFi, 3G/4G/LTE networks and network fault finding/repairs.

We don't stop there as technology changes all the time we make sure we are upto date with the latest which includes manufacturers training courses, product knowledge, infrastructure changes & local data knowledge. With our experience & knowledge we will work with you to make sure you have a smooth, stress-free experience.

We complete the work on time and always clean up after ourselves so that you can enjoy your WiFi as soon as possible.




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